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The first navigation mobile app built solely for hunters. Find hunting spots, track wildlife, and see weather reports.

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Hunt Anywhere

Hunt Anywhere

  • Trimble GPS Hunt uses the GPS built into your iPhone or Android phone to track your location with GPS satellites.
  • Whether you are hunting duck, elk, deer, antelope, geese, turkey or any other animals, GPS Hunt can help find your way.
  • View five map types: street,aerial, hybrid, topo, and terrain.
  • View color-coded public land boundaries in all states, except AK, DE, RI, SC. (Elite members)
  • Create your own offline map bundles and view maps off-the-grid (Pro version & Elite members)
Collect Data

Collect Data

  • Mark waypoints such as hunting blinds, tree stands or game trails.
  • Turn on blood trailing to track blood spots after the shot.
  • Capture photos and videos.
  • GPS Hunt collects 15+ trip stats, including mileage, speed, elevation, direction and elevation gain/loss.
Plan Your Hunt

Plan Your Hunt

  • Use our online Trip Planner at to preplan for your next hunt and to auto-sync critical details with your GPS Hunt app.
  • View weather forecasts and sun/moon phases by location.
  • View ballistics details and graphs for 850+ pistol and rifle cartridges.

Android - Screen shots on Android phones

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iPhone - Screen shots on the Apple iPhone

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What You Get
Elite Feature Free App Pro App Elite Members
View topo maps for the US and Canada
View Street Maps
View Terrain Maps
Create your own offline map bundles in 200MB chunks.
Follow your track on seamless maps.
Mega Offline Maps (by county, state, hunt unit)
Public Lands
Forest Roads
Weather Maps
Lake Maps
Track location with GPS
Navigate with the digital compass. Choose between Magnet North and True North.
Mark waypoints
Goto waypoints
Collect tracks/routes
Capture photos
Capture video
Record sounds
Track active time
Track average pace
Track average speed
Track bearing to next point
Track distance (mileage)
Track direction
Track elevation change
Track elevation gain
Track elevation loss
Track max speed
See ballistics details and graphs for over 850 pistol and rifle cartridges
Turn on Blood Trailing to track blood spots after the shot
View Sun and Moon phases by date and location
Read the 5-day weather forecast. See the current humidity, head index, dew point, wind chill, wind speed and direction
Sync trips to
WGS 84 datum
NAD 27 datum
Lat/Long coordinates
UTM coordinates

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Supported Phones

Support for Trimble GPS Hunt

Become Elite Today
Supercharge your Trimble GPS Hunt app by becoming an Elite member. Benefits include:
  • Unlimited downloads of our Digital Map Bundles for your favorite state, county or national park
  • View Public Land overlays for 46 states
  • View detailed Weather Maps
  • Save maps onto your device for viewing without needing a data signal
  • Save 20% on custom MyTopo maps ordered from app
  • See waypoint as UTM coordinates
  • See coordinates in NAD 27 datum
  • No more ads within your app
In addition, Elite members also get the powerful Trip Planner tool online at to plan their next outdoor adventure.
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