Get instant access to thousands of full-color topo maps for the entire state on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device These offline gps hunting maps work off-the-grid, even when you're far from cell phone and data networks. They also include GPS mobile apps designed for hunting and fishing, so you can mark points and navigate in the field.

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SD Cards

Each memory card includes the following maps, helpful map overlays, and supported apps:

Topo Maps

  • Every SD card comes pre-loaded with an entire state's worth of full-color USGS topo maps.
  • Topo maps feature 15 zoom levels (1:250K to 1:24K) and 3 super-zoom levels so you can see your exact location in great detail.
  • Maps work off-the-grid. No cell or data connection is required.

Private Lands

We collected recon on more than 167.2 million private land plots in 39 states, the most comprehensive private land ownership coverage available for hunters on smartphones and tablets. Our private land overlays include:

  • Plot boundaries. See the borders of private lands over detailed topo maps.
  • Landowner’s name. Find out who owns the land.
  • Land address. Get the physical address of the land.
  • Parcel number. See the county parcel number assigned by the county assessor.

Public Lands & Hunt Units

  • See color-coded boundaries for national parks and monuments, national forests, national wildlife refuges, state and military lands, and more.
  • View popular hunt units and game management units.

Forest Roads

  • See updated information for more than 1 million miles of forest roads. Check out which dirt roads are open for cars or 4-wheel drive vehicles, which dirt roads are closed, and which dirt roads are no longer managed by land managers.

Lake Maps

  • See 10-foot underwater depth contours for 6,900 lakes across the U.S.

Trimble GPS Apps

These memory cards instantly work on all our hunting and fishing apps. Both the free and pro versions.

  • Trimble GPS Hunt (iPhone, Android)
  • Trimble GPS Fish (iPhone, Android)
  • Trimble GPS Maps (iPad)
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